The All-Purpose Guru (allpurposeguru) wrote,
The All-Purpose Guru

Pitched a few new ideas for projects to someone at work. He liked 'em. I'm soooo happy right now...

If I could just get *one* of these ideas out it would be so excellent...

OTOH, first day of school for the gremlins. They came back bouncin' off the walls with joy, so I guess it's gonna go OK at least for the next few weeks...

My son just started middle school. We got him a new backpack that is so freakin' huge it probably just barely qualifies as carry-on luggage-- and it barely holds all his stuff.

I can remember when I actually took a book home occasionally. He has 6 classes of homework every day. Times have changed.

Back on the work front (can you tell the ADD is in full swing this evening?) they have finally decided to merge my office with the main office in Emeryville. My 15 minute commute will go to 90+ minutes in the middle of October. Feh.

I told my boss that driving every day wouldn't be in the cards-- I'll go somewhere else before I do that-- just because I'll end up wrapped around a guardrail somewhere if I have to duke it out with trucks every day on 880. He was open to the idea of flexing my hours so I can take transit up there and back, and leave early enough to pick up the rodents from school.

Probably be the 6am to 3pm shift. Ah well, I've done that before... I just wish transit worked better than it does-- I'm commuting from the main transit point in San Jose, the biggest city in the Bay Area, to the main transit point in Oakland (Emeryville station is where you end up if you take the train to San Francisco) and I *can't* get a train when I want it. 5 million people in this area and I can't get between the two biggest places in it in a timely manner without driving. That, my friends, SUCKS.

At least I can get lunch at the Emeryville Public Market once in a while...
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