The All-Purpose Guru (allpurposeguru) wrote,
The All-Purpose Guru

Speaking of sucking...

Well, I tried using Public Transit to Emeryville today. There was a meeting up there, and decided I'd check out the new digs while I was up there.

Drove to Fremont, about a half hour, hopped on BART. Jeez, this thing used to be much nicer last time I rode it. No, wait, I was twelve at the time. I guess these things show their age after awhile.

It pulled out to all the cool Star Trek sounds it used to make, and the rails started SCREEECHing. All the stinking way to North Oakland. (MacArthur Station, for those of you taking notes) I sure don't remember my teeth vibrating.

Anyhow, checked out the new office, it is going to royally SUCK. All the cubicle walls come up to my chest, so it's going to be noisy and distracting. I'm going to have to put a cardboard box over my monitor or something so I can get some work done. Cone of Silence, anyone?

Meeting went well, hopped on the bus to go home. Damn, Pixar is one impressive looking place. (shuttle bus goes right by their front gate.) Back on BART, zippy zappy, off we go, no screeching this time, and the A/C is even working this time.

Back to Fremont, about an hour to get back to San Jose to pick up the kids. Zip onto the freeway and WHAM. Bumper-to-Bumper traffic. What the hell? None of the radio stations even MENTION this. Oh, maybe it's just Fremont still rebuilding every stinking overpass that goes over the freeway-- they were doing that 10 years ago the LAST time I had to drive up this way. It should pick up in the next 5 miles or so. 5 miles later, it picks up to freeway speed, and WHAM, bumper-to-bumper AGAIN. This time, all the bloody way into San Jose. I was only a half hour late picking up the kids.

What a sucky day. I need some iced tea. Feh.
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