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...I'm back!

...well, actually, I *have* been. *ahem*.

Well, Fort Benning went incredibly well. By the time Hurricane Jeanne got there, it was down to 35 mph winds and 3" of rain in 5 hours. *Glorious* weather.

...after that it was 90 degrees and 180% humidity. Feh. I almost preferred the hurricane.

I gotta say, I've got a lot of respect for our armed forces at this point. Watching a skinny rail of a guy slam around a 200lb weightlifter, and then seeing him later that day doing one-armed pullups off of a pipe, I was pretty impressed. This guy was part of the Ranger battalion located at Fort Benning.

Even more impressive was when you haul around the equipment we're testing. It weighs upwards of 20 lbs, and hangs off a vest that seems to do nothing but generate sweat.

Two hours wearing this stuff, and these guys are literally soaked with sweat-- because they not only wear this stuff, they're *using* it, running around, going on hikes, running up and down stairs, rolling on the ground, crawling, you name it. And they do this for 8-10 hours a day. And the guys doing our testing for us are *ex* military, retirees mostly. Damn.

We seriously wanted to buy them large quantities of beer after the session was over. Unfortunately, a little thing called Army Regulations got in the way, and since we're guests, and they have the guns, we decided to do it their way. Too bad. Those guys RAWK.

Speaking of guns, one of the projects we have rolling around at work is something that will eventually get shot out of a 155mm howitzer. They were firing one of those things when we were on the base-- everyone thought it was thunder. *Damn* impressive.

Hum, now I get to go back to sitting at a desk. Feh. Maybe my company will send me out again for the next series of tests. :-p
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