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So, um, hey.

It's been so damn long that I've updated I'm just going to dispense with the apologies. Life's sucked the last few months, I didn't think I needed to raise the collective angst of the world with it, and I'm getting over it anyway. There. Things just get better, yannow?

I have a question for my arty friends (and I've got a lot of talent to pull from there, especially in livejournal-land.)

My wife is getting *very* into her Photoshop CS class; she's learning how to retouch photographs and is doing flippin' *amazing* things with it. (I got the Video processing tools as well, but I haven't even had a chance to *install* them. Feh.)

Problem is, she's getting to the point where she could use a tablet. I'm trying to find out which ones are good, and which ones to stay away from.

Perusing the local Fry's Electronics (I know better than to ask questions there) came up with a variety of sizes, from 4x6 to 6x8 to 9x12. Acreage costs dearly, especially when looking at Wacom tablets. How important is acreage, and will it be as important for photo work as opposed to drawing?

Also, they have some low-end ones from Aiptek, which seem to be either $70 for any size below 9x12, with the 9x12 one going for $130. They *looked* pretty cheesy, but they are a fourth the price of the Wacom tablets, so I can't completely discount them. I've found quite a few products like this that turned out to be quite ok.

So, long winded for a first post, anybody have any ideas?

Thanks for your help, guys, I appreciate it.
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