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The Guru's Journal
20 entries back

Date:2004-07-29 22:58
Subject:Shopping, bleh

W00t, I actually managed to do my shopping at Costco this week without having to use the little handicap-cart.
I hate using those things... first, they go unbearably slow- I sometimes want to push the darn thing like a skateboard with my good foot- and secondly, when you load it up (we're talking Costco, after all) it gets really hard to stop. Add a fully loaded cart to rude people who think nothing of cutting right in front of the gimp in the cart, and you have a recipe for disaster. I almost ran over a little kid last time- he stepped out in front of his mommy, with me about a foot away, going full-tilt. I yelled "watch out", but there wasn't time, and the kid didn't understand English anyway. Luckily, his dad dragged him out of the way.

Yayness for the little victories.

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Date:2004-07-27 12:24
Subject:Splash! Again.

Well, as referenced here I gotta stop wearing white to work. Today, I wore an off-white polo shirt, and just ceremoniously covered myself in coffee.

And home is 18 miles away. Rakka, you're not the only one.

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Date:2004-07-14 12:13
Mood: bored

What the hey, I'll bite.

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Date:2004-07-13 10:47

Had a great weekend, took the wife and kids to Lake San Justo so the wife could get some windsurfing time in.
We met up with our windsurfing buddies (Ken and John) and rigged her 3.7 sail. It was blowing about 15 knots so it seemed that sail size would be OK. I didn't surf because I stayed ashore to play with the kiddos and because I shouldn't dunk my leg in "questionable water" until all the pinholes heal. Besides, I still have to do PT 'cause right now I walk like a drunken sailor because my leg is weak.
I was video taping the wife when I noticed she had hooked into the harness! So cool! That was her goal for the year to be able to hook in, and she acomplished it the first day out.
There was some guy at the beach who had decided that the best spot to fish was right in the middle of the wind lane-- so all the windsurfers were going right next to where his kids were casting. After a while, he started getting mad at the surfers, culminating in a long string of pure profanity when John ran over their line.
The profanity the guy was using was so bad it really bothered my son- when I confronted him about it, he spewed even more profanity and challenged me to a fight. Big man, swearing in front of 5 year olds and picking fights with cripples. I told him I wasn't going to stoop to his level and John went and got the park ranger. That ranger worked wonders, and got the guy calmed down.
We finished the runs, packed up, and hit Doña Stella's for dinner. Still too pricey for what you get, but at least I didn't get sick afterwards. I wish we could find a better restaurant- but we were kinda outvoted on the quality of the place.
Oh well, it certainly didn't spoil what was an excellent day. The wifey wants to go again next week!

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Date:2004-07-13 10:46

I hate these late nights. I gotta get to bed. Big project for a customer, gotta be able to show some progress.
Hope I can get up to take the kid to school...

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Date:2004-07-09 17:43
Subject:Vot a nothink day...
Mood: blah

Gawd, what a nothing of a day. I'm going to have to work over the weekend just to be able to say I got something done on Friday.

I hate days like that.

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Date:2004-07-08 10:42
Subject:It's OFF!
Mood: cheerful

I am no longer a member of the Borg! I have no hardware on my leg!

I've got a ton of gauze, and possibly the world's longest Ace bandage on my leg, and a velcro/steel/foam boot that looks like Frankenstein's monster's shoe, but hey. Progress, w00t!

It was funny. They brought me into the surgery room, laid me down, shot something into my IV, and I didn't even feel it-- I just blinked, and it was 4 hours later and I was in the recovery room. Weird. I guess having only 3 hours of sleep a night for a month will do that to you.

---the bad part of that is that my doctor breezed in after I went out like a light, and left before I woke up, and I don't even know if I can take a shower with this stuff on. Grrr.

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Date:2004-07-07 08:27

Maan, it's been a while since I posted. That's what happens when you havc kids. I can't promise any revelations as juicy as haibanerakka but I'll try my best.

I'm on the train to San Francisco right now, heading into surgery to take the frame off my leg. I should be back this evening.

I'm scrawling this into my Palm right now, I can't believe how hard it is- I pulled a muscle in my right arm over the weekend and every character sends a twinge up my arm. We were putting down bark around the fruit trees over the weekend and I guess I pulled on one of the bags wrong. My daughter and son were so cute dragging the bags around...

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Date:2004-06-29 04:18
Mood: tired

Side of the bed: left or right? Left right now, because I have a steel and magnesium frame on my right leg that has sharp points and I don't want to scratch up the wife. Normally right.
Sleep with or without covers? My wife and I both need *something*, maybe just a sheet or a down comforter. If it's hot at night, we speed up the ceiling fan over our water bed (always running in the summer, usually very slowly.) The water bed isn't heated.
Sleep with or without night light? Without.
Deep or light sleeper? Deep. I need 2 alarm clocks and a Tv across the room turned up to full volume to get up.
More annoying to be awoken by: alarm or phone call? Phone. We've set up the house so the phone doesn't ring in the bedrooms. That's what answering machines are for.

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Date:2004-06-22 10:46
Subject:Visited Countries meme
Mood: blah

create your own visited countries map
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Finally, a cool meme. We do a lot of traveling, it's kind of cool to see something that can map it out.

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Date:2004-06-21 04:44
Subject:...waiting... just waiting...
Mood: hopeful

Well, folks, I find out tomorrow. The frame on my leg has been partially disassembled, my leg is hangin' out all by itself, and seems to be supporting my ponderous weight.

The doctor will x-ray it tomorrow and tell me if my ankle looks like it's structurally OK after walkin' on it for a couple weeks, which seems a moot point because I figured it would have snapped off if it wasn't once I started pulling the bolts out of it.

So, anyhow, wish me luck. I have a 40 mile drive to the doctors, but somehow, I'm not annoyed at all.

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Date:2004-06-20 20:54
Subject:Raging waters and Daddy day
Mood: tired

Took the family to Raging Waters (a local waterpark) today, I sat under an umbrella (due to my busted ankle) and everyone ran around like crazy people.

We bought season passes, but it seems like it's not as good a deal this year as before, because they really cut back on the discounts you get with the season pass. Probably won't do it again next year (given that they gouge you $6 over and above the cost of admission for parking, and renting a tube to float around in is something like $5)

So, the large rodent went off the slides all by himself today, I kept losing track of him. I guess I better get used to it, he's just going to get older and older and further and further away from Daddy.

The little rodent was in Klingon mode, she wouldn't go anywhere away from me until Mommy came and led her to the wading pool and hung around with her. She didn't want to go down the slides even with Mommy. Justified, at 5, I suppose, but I do think the large one was more self-confident at this age...

Went over to a friend's place afterwards, to drop off some coupon books-- ended up staying for hotdogs for dinner. Good company made for a good evening. He agreed to tape the Space Ship One launch for me tomorrow morning (we don't get CNN)

So, we had a good time. A good Father's day overall, didn't do much but be a Daddy.

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Date:2004-06-16 21:58
Subject:Bill the Cat!

I just heard that Bill and Opus are coming back to comics! All new material! But it's not on the web yet. I got this from Berkeley Breathed's website,

since I don't have time for the paper (I spend all my free time online) has anyone seen this new comic yet? Is it any good?

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Date:2004-06-16 21:49
Subject:Whee, fruit!
Mood: contemplative

Our fruit trees in the front yard are going *nutz*. I have a couple of peach trees, an asian pear tree, an apple tree, and a persimmon-- and they are all laden with fruit.

This is the first year for most of 'em-- the peach trees are really young, we didn't expect them to bear this year at all.

Now, if only I can keep the pedestrians out of 'em.

I thought about putting a sign up saying:

"Random fruit injected with diarhhea-causing chemical. Eat fruit at your own risk."

But I wonder if some idiot would hit me with a lawsuit.

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Date:2004-06-09 02:38
Subject:Yeeha! Light! At the end of the tunnel! (and no, it's not a train)

So, I got good news about my leg. My orthopedist has said that it looks like my ankle has finally healed (after a year and a half, about time) so he had me loosen the coupling between the ring on my ankle and the rings on my leg. Now, the frame is only there in case of catastrophic failure of the ankle joint, which I don't think is gonna happen.
After a week of that, he wants me to remove the coupling entirely, leaving my ankle completely unsupported. After I do that, and the ankle survives it, he'll schedule surgery to take the frame completly off.
I surmise this would be happening faster if the doctor wasn't in Italy right now, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, no siree.
I sure as heck won't miss this weight on my leg, and the ability to wear pants and shoes looks mighty good right about now.

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Date:2004-06-07 10:10

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Date:2004-06-06 23:31

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Date:2004-06-04 12:43

I just moved my son (well, a couple weeks ago) to a new school.

I just found out that my son's teacher has a bumpersticker on her car that says "Jesus Saves; Buddha Recycles" on the back of it.

I think I'm gonna like her.

On another note, I saw a person with a European-style country sticker on the back of their car-- it read "ACK". I gotta get one of these-- the below is my normal email signature:

=( ) =
U Ackpht!

Bill the Cat lives! Apologies to those with proportionally-spaced fonts.

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Date:2004-06-02 13:42

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This is... ...curious.

I usually have *no* opinions or ideas about art.

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Date:2004-06-02 12:15

I can update my blog from my palm-phone!

...now if only interesting things (non-painful interesting things, that is) happened to me, I'd be all set...

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